Theoretical Computer Science / Theoretische Informatik

Institut[e] f(o|ü)r Informati(cs|k), [Universität] Osnabrück [University]

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Research Interests

  • Algorithm Engineering
  • Combinatorial Optimization
  • Exact Solutions for NP-hard problems
  • Approximation algorithms
  • (Computation of) Crossing number and other non-planarity measures; Graph Drawing; Graph Theory
  • Network Optimization
  • ILP, Branch-and-Cut, Column Generation

Permanent Projects

DFG Projects

  • CH 897/3-1
    • Starke Approximationsalgorithmen für das Steinerbaumproblem und verwandte Probleme
    • English translation: Strong approximation algorithms for the Steiner tree and related problems
    • on-going, starting summer 2016, 1 full PhD position
    • Algorithmische Methoden für Kreuzungszahlen und andere Nichtplanaritätsmaße
    • English translation: Algorithmic methods for crossing numbers and other non-planarity measures
    • on-going, since spring 2016, 1 full PhD position
    • Approximationsalgorithmen für topologisches Netzwerkdesign in Theorie und Praxis
    • English translation: Approximation algorithms for topological network design in theory and practice
    • completed, 2012–2016, 1 full PhD position


  • For publication lists of the different staff members, please look at their individual pages.

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